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Divine Appointment!

Some view 2 people meeting…or an event happening as “The Law of Attraction”.

Others view it as a “Divine Appointment”!

In this circumstance, because I invested in myself and chose to go to an event…

I met someone for a specific reason which was clarified yesterday morning!

After having shared with her about my book and the intent of it…

As well as my many experiences with the topic….

She immediately gave passion to help me bring awareness to many.

Little did we know why we had connected.

It so happened that we connected for this exact reason…just different circumstances.

She wanted to help get me on stage in front of others to bring about suicide awareness,

So lives could be touched!

The downside is, we didn’t know it would be at her son’s funeral following his suicide…

This would be the event!


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One Response to Divine Appointment!

  1. Janeen Stratton June 9, 2013 at 1:52 am #

    I strongly believe in “the law of attraction”, or as I like to call it “Kairos” ( referring to a Greek term of being in the right place in the right time, guided by divine hand). Your tile “Divine Appointment” is original and clever.
    I attended the event that you are refering to, and wanted to thank you publicly for your support, your sympathy, but most importantly, the message you are sending. I imagine it can be challenging to inspire those who are in the epitome of devastation. But you come through with words of love, understanding, and acceptance. My hopes with this message, is to return what you have given, in such a way that it may be received, to help drive you to keep going! Your message is wonderful. Lucky us, for that “Divine Appointment”, that the two of you, have set fuel to the fire, to cure this tragic epidemic .

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