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What If’s….

Have you ever had a feeling of uneasiness from a movie? Have you ever feared the next steps in life, such as graduating from high school or college, or becoming a parent? Where does this excitement and fear derive from?   Last weekend, my daughter and I had a lil date night as my son […]

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Embrace Change

“You all have the opportunity to perform your own miracles when life is throwing something at you…….It’s a matter of what you believe”–Steve Rizzo Whether you want it to or not…..Change is going to take place in your life as you move on in your years. So we have two choices….. Fight Change Or EMBRACE […]

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Show Me The Stars

“I will love the light, for it shows me the way, Yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars”–Og Mandino A week ago yesterday, the world had lost a man who had made many smile, in the time of need. He made many laugh, when the heart was aching. Robin Williams […]

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Finding Hope in the Eyes of Adversity

TONIGHT…… Yes, this is short notice….6:00 PM PST; 9:00 EST But the issue at hand needs to be addressed immediately before more lives are impacted! We all need to find hope in the eyes of adversity! With the sad news and passing of Robin Williams, I was stunned. The news I received the following day […]

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Mindset on the Diamond

As you step up to the plate, Where is your mindset? God, I hope I don’t strikeout! I hope I walk! I hope I get a base hit!   Or, is  your mindset coming from a place of confidence? Bring It! I’m gonna win this battle! I don’t want the walk, I want the hit! […]

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Gratitude for the Game

Gratitude for the Game……and Life! There are many times when our circumstances are not ideal….. Nor are the results in line with our desired outcomes. But through all of this, We can find that we may learn more from our setbacks and failures…. Than what we’ve learned from our successes.   Then lies the question: […]

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Putting In the Practice

During this summer, my kids and I have spent a great deal of time geared towards baseball and fast-pitch softball. The great thing about this, as my dad had taught me growing up, is there is a great connection with the game on the diamond……and the game of life. As my kids share in this […]

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Written In Ink

We each hold the power to have influence over our stories! Yet, the thing to remember is that our stories are ‘written in ink’!       Growing from the past We can never go back and erase our past. We can never go back to rewrite our story which has been written to this […]

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Chief’s Battle

Many of us are guilty of this…. Living in the past! In this video, I wanted to share with you a Cherokee Chief’s Battle… When all is said and done We have choices. Our ‘realities’ Are our ‘perceptions’! We can not go back and change the past But we can use the past to create […]

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Value Your Voice!

Do you have enough self-worth to….. Value Your Voice? If the answer to this question is ‘No’….. The question to your answer is “Why?”. For whatever reason, you have lived the life you have for a particular purpose. You have triumphed through some rough times, You have overcome some major obstacles, You have the opportunity […]

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