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Putting In the Practice

During this summer, my kids and I have spent a great deal of time geared towards baseball and fast-pitch softball. The great thing about this, as my dad had taught me growing up, is there is a great connection with the game on the diamond……and the game of life. As my kids share in this […]

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Written In Ink

We each hold the power to have influence over our stories! Yet, the thing to remember is that our stories are ‘written in ink’!       Growing from the past We can never go back and erase our past. We can never go back to rewrite our story which has been written to this […]

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Chief’s Battle

Many of us are guilty of this…. Living in the past! In this video, I wanted to share with you a Cherokee Chief’s Battle… When all is said and done We have choices. Our ‘realities’ Are our ‘perceptions’! We can not go back and change the past But we can use the past to create […]

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Value Your Voice!

Do you have enough self-worth to….. Value Your Voice? If the answer to this question is ‘No’….. The question to your answer is “Why?”. For whatever reason, you have lived the life you have for a particular purpose. You have triumphed through some rough times, You have overcome some major obstacles, You have the opportunity […]

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Our Queens

Although the ‘queen’ is a valuable piece in the game of chess….. It is of no good if we are willing to sacrifice all other pieces to save her. In one sense, we put so much value on what we would do if we had a million dollars We choose not to put the same […]

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Eyesight Vs Mind-sight

I see what stands before me, as my Eyesight creates a ‘victim of circumstance’. Then I close my eyes and let go the thoughts of self-sabotage and allow the work of the Mind-sight. When I choose to interpret what has happened in a different manner, It is then that I realize that doors some times […]

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Doing Life Differently

There are times or circumstances in life in which we don’t necessarily make wrong  choices…. We just tend to follow the flow without realizing we are not  ‘living’ on purpose! As a parent, we may give our full efforts into raising our children and providing for them their needs, But where in there are you […]

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Being capable of ‘letting go’….to move forward

Too many times we are unable of ‘letting go’ of certain things which have impacted our lives….both positive and negative. We fear that letting go of triumphs, tragedies, events or the physical presence of an item will be a dishonor to which holds such importance. As we all know, many of us feel as though […]

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Intention in 2014

Two weeks into the new year, are you living with the intention of creating your life? Or hoping life will create itself for you? No matter what your goals are…. In relationships, business, work, health….our attitudes should be that to create what it is we truly desire. There is no shame, and you are not […]

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Dream! Then Act Upon…

DREAM! Then act upon that dream! As adults, we tend to dream, or just wish. We tend to say, ‘If only…..Then life would be different or the way I had wished it to be’ By doing this, we become unappreciative of our life. We live without gratitude for what life had brought us. We live […]

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